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chatta gratis senza registrazione italianaarya777    Little Canada, Minnesota
I'm here to meet knew people and see what happens. I live in NY. I love being outdoors but also enjoy relaxing inside playing xbox or computer. I'm very open person so ask me anything and I'll be honest.
ragazze cremona7010500    Camden, South Carolina
Hey girls, I'm Amanda I'm 25 years old :) I work full time as a medical assistant, I drive, and have my own apartment. I'm looking for a long term relationship with a girl who doesn't create drama
incontri gay potenzaSavior    murcia, Murcia
I'm caring kind I like all kinds of movies and music mostly older rock I like to hang with friends family
ragazze singlecuddle2fiddle    Milford, Michigan
Looking for someone who likes the same things I do. Someone who likes to go out and do and see different things and who is ambitious and loving and thoughtful. Someone who is kind, smart and funny

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